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"I can be driving down the road and say, 'I really want those lights on,' so I can remotely turn on the lights. "This particular system also will control your home heating and cooling system. The "Eco Saver" feature will track your heating and cooling habits, and over time, automatically make adjustments to make the system run more efficiently and plot out the data month by month. "It's going to understand your heating and cooling preferences, plus the footprint of your home," Mathew said. "How long does it take to heat up or cool down. ""It and gives me a seamless climate control system.

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I cussed him out and dared him to call me again.

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It also has a built in, motion activated spotlight that will stop trespassers in their tracks.

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The camera comes with a week of free cloud storage, which is pretty generous as well.

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A word about wireless protocols: In a perfect world, all home security components would use the same wireless standard to communicate with the main hub, but factors such as power requirements, signal range, price, and size make it virtually impossible to settle on just one.